Isohelix ISO Certification

Isohelix DNA Buccal Swabs and DNA Saliva Collection Kits are designed to fully integrate various Oral DNA Collection methods, with DNA Stabilization and DNA Purification. Our range produces the highest DNA purity, specifically looking at each individual step to improve DNA yields, reduce DNA sample losses and improve the DNA handling procedures.

Isohelix News

NEW DNA Saliva Collection
Several devices for collecting high yielding DNA from saliva. for info.

NEW DNA Isolation Kits
to optimise yields with various chemistries specifically designed for DNA Saliva collection.

DNA Swabs + Ethylene Oxide
All Isohelix Buccal Swabs are now routinely Ethylene Oxide treated for improved DNA free validation.

Isohelix is a division of Cell Projects Ltd, UK designers and manufacturers of innovative Molecular Biology Products used globally in Life Science, Cancer Research and Medical Diagnostic fields. Our product range includes Electroporation, Transfection, PCR Quality Check Kits, qPCR, Gap Junction and Signal Transduction Studies, DNA Buccal Swabs, DNA Isolation Kits, DNA Stabilising Kits and DNA Release Kits.