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Isohelix’s DNA Saliva Collection Devices and DNA Buccal Swabs produce the highest DNA yields and purity for the most demanding downstream processes.

GeneFiX Saliva DNA Collection

GeneFiX_homeGeneFiX™ is an easy to use DNA saliva collection device that stabilizes DNA long term in 2 ml and 1 ml saliva sample options. The collector is pre-filled and has a simple screw-on funnel for simple saliva delivery directly into the non-toxic stabilization buffer.

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Isohelix DNA Buccal Swabs

swabs_homeIsohelix Buccal Swabs have been specifically designed to give increased yields of high quality buccal cell and genomic DNA. Our DNA swabs are suitable for both human and veterinary use and offer significant advantages over other DNA swab designs.

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GeneFiX Saliva DNA Isolation

DNA Isolation KitsThe GeneFiX™ range of Saliva-Prep Isolation Kits and Saliva Mini / Midi DNA Isolation Kits integrate various options for your saliva collection.

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Swab DNA Stabilization & Isolation

DNA IsolationA full range of long term physical and chemical formats with options to maximize DNA purity including Dri-Capsules, BuccalFix Stabilization Kits, XtraClean DNA Kit and more…

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