Isohelix DNA Swabs, Saliva Collectors and Kits

Isohelix continues to build an exemplary reputation for the manufacture of an expanding range of innovative DNA Swabs, Saliva Collectors and their associated products with the highest specifications for Life Science Research, Clinical and Molecular Diagnostic applications.  All the products have been carefully developed often in association with leading researchers to maximize results for the application need.

These devices offer a simple non-invasive alternative to blood sampling, reliably collecting quality DNA whether in clinics, outside in the field or home.  Choose from a wide variety of options to select for DNA yield, type of collection, DNA stabilization method, shipping or storage choices.

The various DNA isolation and stabilization kits have all been extensively optimized to the collection device and offer an option to suit your requirement needs around DNA yield, integrity, purity and ease of use.

The following shows some examples of Application Areas which is by no means exhaustive.

Academic Research • Biobanking  • Clinical Diagnostics

Drug Reaction Genetics • Epigenetics • Forensics

Gene Expression Studies  • Genetic Screening • Genotyping

HLA Testing • Methylation Studies • MicroArrays

Microbiota  Analysis • Molecular Diagnostics • Multiplex PCR

NGS Next Generation Sequencing • Paternity Testing • PCR

Personalised Medicine • PharmacoGenomics

Population Studies • qPCR • Sanger Sequencing • Sequencing

SNP Analysis • Telomere Length Studies •Tissue Typing

Veterinary Testing • Whole Exome Sequencing

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