DNA Stabilization and Isolation Kits

Isohelix DNA Stabilization Kits

Isohelix Dri-Capsules

DNA Stabilization Kits

A quick, efficient way to dry and stabilize the DNA on SK-1 swabs for periods up to 3½ years at room temperature.

BuccalFix Stabilization Kits

DNA Stabilisation KitsStabilizes and lyses DNA long term in one quick and easy step, immediately ready for purification. Available pre-filled.


Isohelix Buccal DNA Isolation Kits

Xtreme DNA Isolation Kit

Buccal DNA Isolation KitsA silica membrane based column DNA purification kit for yielding purified, high molecular weight genomic DNA from swabs.

BuccalFix Plus DNA Isolation Kit

Isohelix DNA Isolation KitThis DNA isolation kit is designed to quickly purify buccal DNA samples stored in BuccalFix Stabilisation buffers.

XtraClean DNA Kit

DNA Purification KitAdditional purification of buccal swab samples to give an ultra clean DNA sample for demanding downstream applications.

Buccal-Prep Plus DNA Isolation Kit

Buccal-Prep DNA KitLatest precipitation DNA Chemistry for fast protocols, highest yields and purity without solvents and alcohol.

DDK DNA Isolation Kit

Fully optimized for buccal cell samples with reduced handling times, increased DNA yields & many important technical benefits.

Buccalyse Release Kit

A quick one tube method for releasing PCR-ready DNA from buccal swabs, ideal in many qPCR and PCR applications.