Isohelix FAQs

We have tried to cover the most popular FAQs regarding our buccal swabs and related DNA products but if you have any questions that are not answered below, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Q1. Are the Isohelix DNA swabs easy to use?

The swabs are designed with a small flat head and strong handle allowing pressure to be applied easily to the inside of the cheek. The surface of the swab has been designed to remove buccal cells from the inside of the cheek without causing discomfort.

Q2. What do I do with the swabs after taking a sample?

If using an SK-1 or SK-2 swab, follow the instructions provided and place the swab in the tube supplied to return to the laboratory.

Q3. How do you get the DNA off the swab?

The Isohelix DDK Isolation Kits are optimized in terms of yield and handling for use with the Isohelix DNA swabs. The swabs are also suitable for use with other DNA isolation protocols and kits.

Q4. What yield of DNA will I get from a swab?

The expected yield is 1 to 10µg DNA in Adults.

Q5. Is the DNA suitable for PCR reactions?

The isolated DNA is of high quality and suitable for all types of PCR including multiplex and rtPCR reactions.

Q6. How can I measure the amount of DNA isolated?

For the most accurate and reliable methods of quantification of DNA we would suggest using agarose gel electrophoresis against known concentrations of human DNA standards or using the Molecular Probes PicoGreen® dsDNA quantification reagent.

For further information, please view our Product Range listed or email info@isohelix.com.